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About Us

Jill Dresser

Owner / Operator

I started French Quartour Kids in 2012. I absolutely love what I do and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to combine all of my great loves: New Orleans, teaching, kids, and history!

Though I’m originally from Massachusetts, I came to New Orleans in 1994 to attend Tulane University. Part of my undergraduate work required me to volunteer in the local public schools. This experience changed me. I spent the next ten years teaching in inner city schools, in New Orleans and the Bronx. I have a Masters Degree in Elementary Education with experience teaching kids from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

However, with the recent changes in schools, I decided to leave the classroom in 2013. I spent 2 years working at the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses in New Orleans, designing and coordinating education programs and getting lost in this city’s mysterious past. I am indebted to the guidance of Confederacy of Cruisers and my experience at the Hermann-Grima House.

Richard Schmitt

Tween / Teen Tour Guide, Middle School & High School Field Trip Leader

Richard joined French Quartour Kids in November 2015. He is a New Orleans native and a natural tour guide. Richard can share with you the gems of the city from a local’s perspective- where to eat, places to visit, stories to hear. His passion for New Orleans is contagious. He also has over 25 years experience teaching history: Louisiana history, American history, World History, Civics, and Geography. He has taught both middle school and high school in New Orleans.

He is a licensed tour guide and certified teacher.

Richard leads our Tween/Teen Tours, tailoring them to the interests of attending families. In addition, he leads middle and high school students on an unforgettable, educational tour of the French Quarter.

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