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Our educational tours are designed with teens in mind. Kids take a personal view of life in New Orleans, exploring how global events impacted day to day life for young adults living in 19th century New Orleans. Topics include French Quarter architecture, Creole culture, land use / abuse, economics, imperialism, war time importance.

While leading students from the Mississippi Riverfront through Jackson Square and ending at the old Slave Exchange, we use primary sources and maps to help students visualize the past.

*If there are other topics you are interested in, we can adapt the tour to highlight them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Use and follow maps to identify and locate various landforms and waterways and humans use and modify them.
  • Use primary and secondary sources and timelines to understand the past
  • Compare and contrast the past and present (culture, lifestyle, technology)


  • Walking tour of the French Quarter
  • 25 kids at a time
  • Selfie Scavenger Hunts available for purchase
  • Contact us to reserve your day and time
  • Discount rates for Title I schools.