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Kid-Friendly Things To Do

Bike Rentals- A Bicycle Named Desire

Bike Rentals: Kids bikes- Tag alongs – Baby Seats. Plus, these guys are awesome people with a funky shop full of local artist’s handiwork.

Confederacy of Cruisers- Bike Tours

Confederacy of Cruisers: New Orleans’s original bike tour company- tons of fun, great for older kids. Focused on the history and culture of New Orleans- they even have a 9th ward tour and food tour

Pharmacy Museum

The Pharmacy Museum: I love this little museum!! An intriguing display of 19th century medicine in the first pharmacist’s office.

Hermann-Grima Gallier House

Hermann-Grima & Gallier Historic Homes: Absolutely beautiful historic 19th century home- guided tours & open hearth kitchen

​City Park

City Park- Carousel Gardens amusement park, City Putt mini-golf, beautiful park (with beignets and playgrounds!)

World War II Museum

Offering a compelling blend of sweeping narrative and poignant personal detail, The National WWII Museum features immersive exhibits, multimedia experiences, and an expansive collection of artifacts and first-person oral histories

Mardi Gras World

Kid-friendly tour of Mardi Gras! See floats being made- taste King Cake. What better way to experience Mardi Gras?

Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall- Beautiful old building with old fashioned style jazz band. Feels like time traveling. Get there early bc of lines. Buy tickets first so kids will have a chair to sit in (otherwise standing room in the back)

​Steamboat Natchez

Steamboat Natchez with authentic steam engine room!


It’s a bug museum. Need I say more? One more thing: you get to eat some bugs!

Louisiana Children’s Museum

Great for little kids- interactive, educational, and fun with plenty of focus on New Orleans.


Louisiana State Museum with great artifacts and overview of New Orleans history- it even includes Napolean’s death mask!

The Presbytere

Incredibly powerful, immersive exhibit about Hurricane Katrina (among many other hurricanes) as well as an indulgent exhibit about Mardi Gras- and the fancy balls, Krewes, and parades.

Destrehan Plantation

About 25 miles up river- kid friendly living history exhibit of plantation life with rotating demonstrations (blacksmithing, indigo-dying etc) as well as an exhibit about the largest slave uprising in the south. This museum and the educators there were super helpful in developing my tours. Guided tour inside the house with self guided grounds surrounding (i.e. great for restless kids eager to explore)

Whitney Plantation

Wow. This is an incredibly powerful, intense new plantation museum. It teaches about life on this specific plantation- also 25 miles upriver. About life for the enslaved workers- their housework, childhood, ancestry. It’s the only plantation I’ve visited to focus entirely on the experience of the enslaved workers. Definitely worth a visit. Guided tour only.

Laura Plantation

This is a beautiful Creole plantation 25 miles upriver. Rich in history as it was recorded and later published by one of the former residents. There’s also a display tracing the names and prices of the enslaved people who worked the plantation. The information gathered- as well as the beautiful setting- make this worth the visit. Guided tour only.