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Creole Kids Living History

An interactive tour through time full of the icky, silly, and strange aspects of the past!

Quick Details

Kids (ages 4 to 18)

New Orleans Tour for Kids

The teacher led Creole Kids Tour takes kids back to the “Golden Era” of New Orleans, the 1830s. We find out what life was like for kids back then: Free vs. enslaved, American vs. Creole, and boys vs. girls. The good, the bad, the weird, and the gross. We’ve got it all! (And, of course, maps, primary sources, and props.) Discover New Orleans on this family-friendly tour, designed to keep your kids entertained and engaged the entire time. Moms and Dads learn a thing or two along the way as well on this walking New Orleans tour!


Six blocks throughout the French Quarter
Advance booking required
Price includes a tour inside the beautiful Hermann-Grima Historic House courtyard on St. Louis Street, as well as a discount on entry to the museum. Kids will see where free and enslaved kids lived and worked in the 1830s.