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Kids Resources for Learning

Social Studies Club

Take a peek at our growing library of educational videos! Working with local schools in the New Orleans area, we’ve created kid friendly videos about US and local history, ordered chronologically. We have plenty of visual aids, songs, and silliness to keep it interesting!

Spooky Studies

Kids are invited to join our online Spooky Studies club! We will be exploring local ghost stories and legends not introduced on tour. Kids will hear about the haunting, learn the history behind it, and then join us as we conduct a paranormal investigation! Then, kids are invited to submit their own illustration of the ghost story through our YouTube channel. Winners announced on Mondays. In addition, we’ll teach kids ghost hunting techniques, interview mediums, discuss crystals, and learn about Tarot cards!

Poop Happened

High interest world history- cartoons, strange facts, surprising stories (Rome used to have a god of poop!)

Tour the States

Great, catchy tune teaching kids the state capitals and countries around the world. Sounds a bit like a Chris Brown song.

Horrible Histories

I love this!! Hilarious monty-python-esque interpretation of history with modern day TV show style (ex: Chopped kitchen with cooks from Victorian era, Ancient Rome etc) Funny- and true!!