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Field Trip

Quick Details

Max Group Size: 25 People
Rate: $10 per person

Minimum: 15 kids

Per Person

A Time to Remember

Rapidly changing technology, evolving settlement patterns, lucrative land use and an economy dependent on slavery combined to create our bustling, complex city of the 19th century.

This field trip will definitely make the 19th century a time to remember!

Learning Objectives:

  • Use and follow maps to identify and locate various landforms and waterways and humans use and modify them.
  • Use primary and secondary sources and timelines to understand the past
  • Compare and contrast the past and present (culture, lifestyle, technology)


  • Group sizes are between 10 – 25 people (adults & students). We can take 2 – 3 groups at a time.
  • Scavenger Hunts are available for download with purchase of field trip