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A Moment in Time

Just as Middle School is a transitional time in a child’s life, the 19th century saw much change in our city and beyond. This field trip focuses on these changes: what happened, why it happened and how it impacted life for New Orleanians. By focusing on our city, we’re able to view our country’s history on a more personal level.

Students will learn about controversial characters from our past, debate the pros, cons and contradictions in our country’s development and compare the changes in technology then to the changes happening today.

This interactive, hands on field trip invites students to think critically about the past while introducing them to gross and bizarre artifacts, images and anecdotes from the past. They won’t want to miss this moment in time!

Learning Objectives:

  • Use and follow maps to identify and locate various landforms and waterways and humans use and modify them.
  • Use primary and secondary sources and timelines to understand the past
  • Compare and contrast the past and present (culture, lifestyle, technology)


  • Discount rates for Title I schools.
  • 12 students or more to qualify for group rates
  • All school staff free. 1 chaperone per 10 kids free. Any additional chaperone $5.
  • Scavenger Hunts Available for purchase