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Spooky Tour- Ghost Hunt for Kids!

It's the spooky tour you don't want to miss!!

Quick Details

Kids (ages 4 to 18)

Kid-friendly Ghost Hunt

Time for a ghost hunt! Using cutting-edge technology and a variety of techniques, kids engage with the past and hopefully communicate with it. Winding through the city streets, we seek out well-known 19th century residents of the French Quarter. Maybe, just maybe, we can even get some treats from them!

Mischievous ghosts, long lost pirates, ectoplasm and more! It is for kids 4 – 8 years old. This kid-friendly NOLA tour is not designed to keep kids up at night but just to make them wonder, “What if…”

New Orleans history and culture are the backdrop of the hunt. While we’re talking about people from the past, kids learn about the past with fun facts and anecdotes. Families are encouraged to ask our certified guides and experienced teachers questions on this family-friendly activity in New Orleans!